Help Charity Shop

Help Charity Shop: 2 Glebelands, Johnston, Pembs. SA62 3PN

One of the core aims of our church is to serve our communities where there is a need. In 2007 we were asked if we could take over the running of a charity shop in a nearby village. This initiative had been started by the Baptist Church in Johnston and the shop, which is called ‘HELP’, is in that village, some 7 miles from our church building in Broad Haven.
Since that time we have raised almost £250,000 in support of local and overseas initiatives. Many are faith based, but we extend our support to projects that care for others.

Our staff are all volunteers and we are really grateful for all they do.
We are also indebted to the many local people who donate goods to us and who purchase our items. A special feature of our work is that as well as raising money we aim to provide good quality pre-used items at a really low price. This is especially important when the cost of living is rising.

We are open Monday to Friday, 10.30am-3.30pm.