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Haven Helpers

The Haven Helpers project was launched in May 2008.
It is an initiative of Broad Haven Baptist church and enables individuals with practical skills to put their Christianity into practice by serving the local community.

The project covers the Havens area in Pembrokeshire from Little Haven to Simpson Cross and then to Keeston and Roch.

There are two aspects to the work:

1. Help with DIY-type tasks. These are the sort of jobs which people are unable to undertake themselves or are unable to find tradesmen to carry out the work for them (e.g. because the job is too small). The team are able to tackle a variety of tasks but excluding electricals, plumbing and regular gardening maintenance. One-off gardening tasks are possible.

2. Provision of emergency meals. This is not a meals-on-wheels type of service for which there is already adequate provision by other agencies, but rather, as the name implies, for one-off or short-term provision of meals (i.e. for one to two weeks) e.g. when someone comes out of hospital after illness or maternity and has no relatives close by who would be able to help. Where practicable, hot meals are delivered to the person; otherwise a stock of freezer meals is maintained which can be drawn upon and containers heated up in the person’s home either in a conventional oven or a microwave.



All the members of the project are volunteers and the service is free of charge. However donations to the Haven Helpers fund are always welcome and help in the furtherance of the project.

For further information, or if you require the services of Haven Helpers, please contact either of the following:

For DIY-type jobs: Jeff (Dr. Jeff Britten) on 07528 874907
For emergency meals: Cynthia (Mrs. Cynthia Wright) on 07530 125892


“Our love should not be just words and talk….
it must show itself in action” 1Jn3 v18


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